Peru President: "Nobody will subdue me, no matter what they do"

15:42 | Tacna (Tacna region), Aug. 28.

President Martin Vizcarra on Tuesday reaffirmed his decision to fight against corruption.

"(…) I assure Tacna and Peru that nobody will subdue me," the Head of State empathically expressed. 

"We will continue to walk the path we started on July 28. Nobody will subdue us, no matter what they do (…)," he added. 

According to the leader, when he assumed the presidency —last March— he had realized the Inca country's main problems were not only unfinished projects but also corruption

"If we don't fight corruption, we are not going to achieve development," he stated in this sense.

As is known, President Vizcarra announced political and justice reforms during his annual address to the nation on July 28. Therefore, he proposed a referendum to be held this year.

"I knew it wouldn't be an easy decision, I knew I would have to confront big interests (such as) delinquency, drug trafficking, as well as corrupt politicians, judges, and attorneys who make deals under the table (…)," he stressed. 

According to the Head of State, he was aware of what would happen, and thus he reaffirmed his commitment to fighting said scourge.  

Moreover, the top official highlighted Tacna citizens' strength adding Peruvians —who want to change the Inca country's situation— will show the same courage. 

"And I will lead this change, no matter what it costs, and no matter who falls," he added.

Remarks were made from Tacna, where he attended the Heroic City's 89th anniversary of reincorporation to Peru after Chilean dominion following the Pacific War (1879-1883).


Published: 8/28/2018
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