Peru President: No measures ruled out to fight corruption

10:54 | Lima, Sep. 11.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra said he does not rule out taking measures to achieve his administration's goal of promoting reforms and fighting corruption, including the introduction of a confidence motion before Congress.

As is known, the release of audios containing controversial phone conversations that involved judges, entrepreneurs, and National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) members had led to a scandal in the justice system. 

"We do not rule out any measure to achieve the objective of fighting and eradicating corruption, which has been so damaging to the country, but now we are determined to combat it," he said in an interview with CNN en Español.

Within this framework, the statesman assured he will use "all the mechanisms to meet our commitments" and said every decision will be made in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

"Among these mechanisms is the motion of confidence that, if rejected, might result in the closure of Congress," he mentioned.

The Peruvian leader has proposed to call a referendum asking the population to give their opinion on a reform at the CNM, an end to lawmakers' re-election, and political parties' private financing.

Said proposals must be passed by Peru's opposition-controlled Parliament, which has not shown much interest in holding the abovementioned popular vote this year, as suggested by the Executive Branch.

To that end, Vizcarra stated that —in case of no support from Congress— the Government will start collecting signatures to call the referendum, just as the Constitution contemplates.


Published: 9/11/2018