Peru President: Gov't to take broadband Internet to all districts

15:19 | Huancavelica (Huancavelica region), Jun. 21.

President Martin Vizcarra on Friday reaffirmed his administration's commitment to interconnecting the whole country through optical fiber and broadband internet, putting emphasis on the most remote and poorest districts in order to bring knowledge and boost development.

During the broadband network activation in Huancavelica region, the Head of State indicated that implementing this service equals to promoting the technological race and development, since internet is the connecting thread that carries knowledge. 

According to the statesman, this kind of technological connectivity is as important —for the national development— as building physical roads, since knowledge also generates progress

Likewise, he pointed out 450 educational institutions, 220 health centers, and 24 police stations will be connected through the internet, which will enable them to offer better services to the population. 

Furthermore, the top official informed his administration has begun to install optical fiber and broadband internet in the most remote areas of the country, as proof of his decentralizing vocation

"For that reason, the commitment is to reach out to all districts, reach out with this information and these projects in order to attend to all needs," he added. 

Finally, President Vizcarra urged regional and local authorities to remain vigilant against corruption with the purpose of preventing economic resources —intended for meeting the needs of the poorest citizens— from ending up in the pockets of unscrupulous people


Published: 6/21/2019
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