Peru PM: Not discussing reform on parliamentary immunity is unacceptable

12:54 | Lima, May. 27.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar has affirmed he expects Congress will rectify and review —again— the constitutional reform bill on parliamentary immunity submitted by the Executive Branch.

Last week, Parliament shelved the proposal after three hours of debate.

In this sense, the high-ranking official stressed the Legislative Branch is in charge of resuming the assessment of said bill, adding it could even discuss a proposal different from the one introduced by the Executive Power.

"Not debating the reform on immunity is unacceptable. Our stance is that it should be discussed, not as a regulatory change, but as a constitutional one aimed at substantial changes," he told Latina TV channel. 

Within this framework, Del Solar indicated shelving the aforementioned proposal was a snub to the population, which demands a shift. 

On the other hand, the Prime Minister stated he is willing to attend the Constitution Commission, and he currently awaits a gesture to comprehensively debate the reform


Published: 5/27/2019
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