Peru PM: Reform seeks to restore people's confidence in politics

13:39 | Lima, May. 21.

Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Tuesday said the political reform proposal —submitted by the Executive Branch to Congress— seeks to restore people's confidence in politics.

In this sense, he believes that shelving the political reform proposal for the Supreme Court to be able to lift Congress members' parliamentary immunity means going in the wrong direction.

"We cannot leave things the way they are. Let's change history," he wrote on social media.

Del Solar and President Martin Vizcarra submitted a letter to the Constitution Commission informing the Executive Branch would not participate in this group's session as it sees no willingness (on the part of Parliament) to implement the changes the country needs.

The document warns that the Constitution Commission's decision to shelve the reform without debate at the Congress plenary session reveals a lack of political will.

"Due to the above-mentioned reasons, and as a form of protest, the Executive Branch has decided not to attend the Commission's session that you preside over today," the letter reads.


Published: 5/21/2019
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