Peru: Gov't asks Congress to discuss parliamentary immunity again

18:31 | Lima, May. 22.

The Executive Branch has urged Congress to discuss the recommended changes regarding parliamentary immunity and to make sure that all voices are heard, Prime Minister Salvador del Solar affirmed on Wednesday.

In this sense, he indicated all voices must be heard and reforms must be discussed in depth.

Likewise, Del Solar stated that all initiatives aimed at reviewing the rules that have destroyed Peruvians' trust in politics should be welcomed for debate, including the Executive Branch's proposal. 

"(…) We are here to change things, not to leave them as they are. There are different stances, we must pay attention to them. Let's work to regain trust and discuss reforms in depth," he expressed. 

Furthermore, the Prime Minister pointed out the need of a political reform can be seen in the recent scandals involving political leaders, the political parties' financing, and the ex-lawmaker Edwin Donayre's fugitive status. 

Finally, the official affirmed the Government is willing to continue the dialogue, but believes the conversation must be aimed at attending to the population's demand for institutions capable of restoring confidence before the Independence Bicentennial celebration.  


Published: 5/22/2019