Peru PM: Goal is to reduce total poverty to 18%, extreme to 2.5% by 2021

12:48 | Lima, Apr. 4.

Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Thursday affirmed the Peruvian government's goal is to reduce total poverty to 18% and extreme poverty to 2.5% by 2021, in order to break its generational transmission.

In this sense, the cabinet chief indicated it is necessary to expand economic opportunities for the families residing in the poorest areas.

"For that reason, we will continue intensifying efforts on the households located in rural zones (…)," he expressed. 

Likewise, Del Solar pointed out this measure must go hand-in-hand with the improvement in access for the poor and extremely-poor populations to social services and activities provided by the Peruvian State. 

Within this framework, the goal is to assist 23.26% of people living in rural and scattered rural areas by 2021, the Independence Bicentennial.

Furthermore, the multisectoral financial inclusion commission will be reactivated with the purpose of incorporating the poorest Peruvians into the financial system

The high-ranking official attended a Parliament session to present the Government's general policy and request the confidence vote.

Previously, the Prime Minister held meetings with Congress' political groups within the framework of a dialogue round

Last March, Salvador del Solar replaced Cesar Villanueva as the Inca country's Prime Minister. He leads a reshuffled cabinet.


Published: 4/4/2019
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