Peru to reduce poverty to 18% in next three years

13:02 | London (UK), Feb. 27.

Economy and Finance Minister Carlos Oliva on Wednesday affirmed growth rates —to be registered in the next three years— will enable the reduction of poverty rate from 21% to 18% by 2021.

Likewise, the official indicated the Inca country's economy must expand over 5% annually in the next years in order to guarantee a solid and sustainable growth. 

"Peru maintains stable indicators, a strong institutional framework, and an economic expansion that stands out among the countries in the region," he expressed. 

Days ago, Minister Oliva informed the Government hopes economic growth in 2018 (4%) had enabled the return to the path towards poverty reduction

It should be noted poverty in the Inca nation is measured under a monetary approach and expenditure is an indicator of well-being. 

Social Programs 

On the other hand, Development and Social Inclusion Minister Liliana La Rosa affirmed that —thanks to the official expansion registered in 2018— poverty may have been reduced last year. 

"Poverty decreased not only because of the expansion boost, but also because of the social programs we are adapting to the reforms," he concluded.

Remarks were made during InPERU's 16th Road Show Europe 2019 which started on February 25 in London and will continue in Madrid (Spain) until February 28. 

This event is aimed at attracting investments and promoting Peru as a solid nation for business.


Published: 2/27/2019
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