Peru FA Min: Lima Group to ensure continued int'l pressure on Maduro's regime

13:53 | Ottawa (Canada), Feb. 4.

Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio on Monday affirmed the Lima Group will continue undertaking efforts to sustain the international pressure on Nicolas Maduro's dictatorial regime, adding democratic elections in Venezuela is an inevitable process.

According to the official, international community's recognition of Juan Guaido as the interim president of the Bolivarian nation represents the beginning of Maduro dictatorship's end. 

Likewise, Minister Popolizio stressed the need for an international community's financial assistance to tackle the impact of Venezuela's humanitarian crisis on the region.

Furthermore, he pointed out over three million Venezuelan citizens have been forced to flee their country and take refuge in other nations. 

"A humanitarian channel is urgently needed to aid the Venezuelan people," the official added.

The Peruvian representative hopes to find a path forward to restore democracy. Plus, he urged all countries that have not joined the cause to do so as soon as possible. 

Popolizio reiterated Lima Group's full support for Venezuelans and Interim President Guaido in his fight to get rid of Maduro's dictatorial regime


Published: 2/4/2019
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