FAO: Peru sets example in LatAm's fight against poverty



00:00 | Lima, Oct. 18.

Peru is an example in the fight against poverty in Latin America, as well as in the strengthening of food security, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has affirmed.

"Just like all countries, Peru faces challenges that are mainly in the rural sector, and also in the need to create policies and programs in order to truly reach the hard core of exclusion, which is the last step we have as a region," FAO Food Security Officer Ricardo Rapallo told Andina news agency. 

In this sense, Rapallo indicated that nations must strengthen their presence in rural areas, so the population —which left poverty behind— can continue to develop socially and economically speaking.

However, the FAO representative pointed out there are examples in the Inca country in which employment and production conditions are created to achieve this goal.

Likewise, the officer underlined the work carried out by the Peruvian Government in the fight against childhood anemia, as this strategy can be used as a foundation to achieve the comprehensive development of people from an early age

20.5% of Peruvians are currently poor. Thus, President Martin Vizcarra administration's goal is to reduce that figure by 2 percentage points by 2021.


Published: 10/18/2019
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