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President Boluarte calls for uniting, not dividing efforts to rebuild Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

11:50 | Lima, Mar. 17.

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte on Friday indicated that the reconstruction of Peru, after the disasters caused by rains and floods, commits all sectors and will consolidate "by uniting instead of dividing" the nation.

"It is a task that transcends any government," Mrs. Boluarte said. It involves all State-run entities, political parties, private sector, and workers, she added.

The Head of State highlighted the collaboration from various public and private entities in the campaign launched today, through which it seeks to help those affected by the disasters generated due to recent weather phenomena.

The top official affirmed that this should be a "national crusade to rebuild Peru."

Said initiative should lead to immediate attention to the victims "and to execute the major (public) works for the development of our peoples in the short and medium terms," Mrs. Boluarte expressed.

"This can be achieved by uniting instead of dividing, adding instead of subtracting, contributing instead of confronting. It can be achieved by respecting and, above all, by being supportive and giving others a hand in difficult times," she indicated.

Lasting works

The President also announced that, starting today, fumigation and collection of useless material will begin in Peru's northern area in order to prevent dengue outbreaks and contagion.

The reconstruction required by Peru must be based on firm and lasting public works, Mrs. Boluarte noted.

"(We don't need) any short-term measures anymore, which had not solved anything," she said, pointing out that major works will be the ones to grant sustainability to this country.

At that point, the top official said she would soon send Congress the bill to create the National Infrastructure Commission. This will ensure the performance of emblematic public works and be in charge of basin control to prevent landslides and floods.


Publicado: 17/3/2023