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Peru's President: Government is firm in generating well-being through food security

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

18:00 | Caylloma (Arequipa region), Jun. 21.

From Arequipa region, where he was received by more than a thousand farmers, the President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Tuesday assured that his administration remains firm in not diverting its attention from the main axes of the Government's 2021-2026 General Policy, such as the generation of well-being through food security and the economic revival.

"We will remain firm, colleagues, just as you remain firm working in the farm," Mr. Castillo said from Coporaque district in Caylloma province after specifying that the State will reach out to the country's most remote areas with a proper budget for the execution of public works in the farming sector.

"We have come to work and deliver results; that is what you have elected us for; we are firm in not diverting our attention from the main axes of the Government's General Policy, where we have as a priority the generation of well-being through food security, economic reactivation, and productive activities with rural agrarian development," he indicated.

The Head of State participated in the cornerstone laying ceremony for the "Improvement of water service recharge and rainwater use" in Caylloma, which will benefit 14 regions and 90,000 farming families.

The top official specified that this work, to be carried out by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, will improve rainwater storage and retention capacity for farming purposes, through water sowing and harvesting services.

Within this framework, Mr. Castillo said that major irrigation projects such as Majes Siguas, Chavimochic, and Olmos must always be developed along with the people, without turning the back on the population and communities.

"We have to sit down and talk, (problems) cannot be solved if we only look from one side," he said.

Concerning the measures adopted by his administration to promote agriculture, the President mentioned that the agrarian and irrigation sector has been declared in emergency.

Likewise, the purchase of fertilizers has become a reality. Besides, the Second Agrarian Reform was launched in October 2021, which means the social inclusion of more than 2 million small farmers from the family farming sector.

"Never again shall a farmer be forgotten; I come from a rural family; that is why this Government of the People knows what the work of the farmer brother means and will grant it the greatest value and support that corresponds, as you are the first food producers," he concluded.


Publicado: 21/6/2022