Peru's Permanent Rep to UN says President Castillo gave message of certainty and stability

15:14 | New York (U.S.), Sep. 22.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo has given a message of certainty and stability in the course of Peru's international integration into the United Nations (UN), Permanent Representative of Peru to UN Manuel Rodriguez Cuadros affirmed on Thursday.

In this regard, the diplomat noted that at a time of global instability and as the economy trends downward, it was imperative that Peru and other countries clearly set out their foreign policy and view of the international situation, which is the most sensitive since the Second World War.

"The President has given a message of certainty and stability in the course of Peru's international integration, in strategic areas of international balances, regarding the great armed conflicts, international economy, the situation in Latin America, and Peru’s interests to promote the economic recovery, to stabilize the society, and to seek a strengthened democratic governance," he said in statements to RPP.

Likewise, the Permanent Representative explained that Peru provided certainty to the world about a foreign policy based on the interpretation and specification of national interests, linked to the essential principles of the UN Charter, such as non-intervention and the defense of the territorial integrity of States.

Escazu Agreement 

Regarding the Escazu Agreement, he noted that its approval depends on how Congress addresses the issue and if it moves towards seeking approval, so that the Executive Branch can ratify it.

The Ambassador remarked that this agreement aims to make progress in the protection of the Amazonian environment and to protect human rights of native populations and environmental defenders.

"This agreement defends national sovereignty over natural resources that are located in the Amazonia and all protected areas in Peru,” Rodriguez Cuadros stated.

"Additionally, it provides stability because people are protected in terms of human rights and, therefore, it opposes to organized crime," he concluded.


Publicado: 22/9/2022