Peru PM: Efforts to strengthen citizen security will continue

14:45 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Mar. 15.

Peru's new Prime Minister Salvador del Solar on Friday affirmed the Government will continue making efforts to improve citizen security and urged all authorities to reinforce strategies against crime, as well as to address the problem from a multisectoral approach.

"I am bringing the President of the Republic's message here to tell Peruvian male and female citizens that the efforts aimed at (strengthening) citizen security will remain in place," the Prime Minister said.

In this sense, the cabinet chief informed the victimization rate —due to citizen insecurity— has been decreasing by 2%. However, one out of four Peruvians reported having been the victim of some type of crime.

Likewise, he indicated that —even though much progress has been made in this sense— the public safety goal is still far from being reached.

"We are here today at the First Decentralized Security Council (meeting), all together, to work on an essential matter such as security, whose problems are not merely solved from a police perspective, but also from a multisectoral one (…)," the high-ranking official expressed. 

Furthermore, Prime Minister Del Solar pointed out violent crimes have been increasing. Thus, the corresponding rate in Peru is seven citizens for every 100,000 people. Plus, this figure is higher in some regions of the country.

Remarks were made during the National Council for Citizen Security (Conasec) meeting. As is known, Conasec is the State's highest body responsible for formulating, conducting, as well as evaluating national policies, plans, and activities related to citizen security while relying on functional and technical autonomy.

On the occasion, he was joined by Judicial Branch Chairman Jose Luis Lecaros, La Libertad Region Governor Manuel Llempen, National Police Commander General Jose Luis Lavalle, Ombudsman Walter Gutierrez, and National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) Chief Carlos Romero. 

Ministers Carlos Moran (Defense), Carlos Oliva (Economy-Finance), Zulema Tomas (Health), Flor Pablo (Education), Paola Bustamante (Development-Social Inclusion), Gloria Montenegro (Women-Vulnerable Populations), and Edgar Vasquez (Foreign Trade-Tourism) were also present at the event.


Publicado: 15/3/2019