Peru: Nearly 25,000 people have already returned to regions of origin

16:34 | Lima, May. 18.

A total of 24,606 fellow Peruvian citizens have returned —by land and air— from the capital city of Lima to the country's interior regions and vice versa, as well as between other regions, National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) head Jorge Chavez reported on Monday.

According to statistics thru May 15, 17,803 citizens left from Lima to other regions, 4,716 departed from other regions to Lima, and 2,087 traveled between regions, Chavez said.

These groups include the citizens who migrated for medical reasons, the elderly, pregnant women, and those who could no longer support themselves in Lima —economically speaking— such as many young people.

In this sense, Chavez highlighted the Government's efforts to lead the returns —through the platform designed by the Ministries of Transport-Communications, Health, Interior, and Foreign Trade-Tourism; the latter is in charge of providing accommodation for those citizens who come from the interior to the capital city.

Likewise, the head of Indeci commented that —in most of the transfers to the different regions— there has not been a massive migration of the virus.

However, the official added that over recent days the population's outflows had to be restricted, since positive cases increased by 40% as was registered at markets.

"This situation has motivated us to become stricter when it comes to health protocols for returns to the interior regions of the country," he emphasized.


Publicado: 18/5/2020

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