Peru: Get to know the candidates for Lima Mayor

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

Photo: ANDINA/Andres Valle

14:00 | Lima, Sep. 29.

Below are the candidates for Mayor of Metropolitan Lima who are running in the 2022 Regional and Municipal Elections to be held on October 2.

The first of them is economist and sociologist Gonzalo Alegria, who is running for Mayor supported by the political group Juntos por el Peru (Together for Peru).

Also in the race is Peru Libre (Free Peru) candidate Yuri Castro, who served as organization secretary of said party in Metropolitan Lima.

Omar Chehade is another contender. The former Congressman (2011-2016 and 2020-2021) is a candidate representing Alianza para el Progreso (Alliance for Progress) party.

Similarly, George Forsyth runs in this election. The former Mayor of La Victoria district, in Lima, and ex-presidential candidate has been nominated by Somos Peru (We are Peru) party.

In turn, Elizabeth Leon is a candidate for the municipal chair nominated by Frente de la Esperanza (Front of Hope) —a political group founded by politician Fernando Olivera.

Rafael Lopez-Aliaga runs for Mayor representing Renovación Popular (Popular Renewal) party, which he also chairs. He ran in the 2021 general elections for President of the Republic and ended third.

Daniel Urresti is a candidate nominated by Podemos Peru (We can Peru) party. The former Interior Minister and ex-Congressman (2020-2021) managed to overcome a disqualification and is already listed as registered in the electoral platform.

Lastly, Maria Elena Soto is the candidate representing Avanza Pais political group in the electoral contest. The architect is running for the position of Councilor and is the only member on that list. If Soto obtains the majority of votes, she could assume the Mayor's Office.

The corresponding National Elections Board (JNE) debate took place on September 25.

Whoever wins this election in October will govern the capital city between 2023 and 2026.


Publicado: 29/9/2022