Peru: Genius child accepted by 4 universities, dreams of studying at MIT

00:00 | Lima, Sep. 18.

Peruvian Mathias Ramirez Carranza sees himself in a few years as a happy person, studying mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) —on a scholarship thanks to his talent— and one day working at NASA.

That is what this little genius of just 11 years sees in his future. His resume already includes the fact that he has already been accepted by no less than four Peruvian public universities, and the child has not even completed his primary education.

In 2017, he began his way towards a university, with only 9 years while being a fourth grade student. On that occasion, the National University Enrique Guzman y Valle accepted him.

That year, the youngster tried it again and succeeded, as he managed to be accepted by the Federico Villarreal University, then by the National University of Callao, and —last Saturday— by the prestigious San Marcos University.

Despite all these achievements, Mathias has a normal life because he gives himself time for recreational activities.

He studies from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM and then from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Mondays thru Fridays. During the weekends, the minor plays with his friends at a sports court near his house in Lima's low-income El Agustino district.

The young man is not allowed to use social media; all the passwords are under the protection of his family "because they do not want me to get distracted," he says.

Arithmetic is his favorite subject, but he never neglects the other ones. Furthermore, all his achievements are supported by Juventud Cientifica (Scientific Youth) School, as well as by his parents, teachers, and friends.

"I know I am very lucky because most children, with high IQ but from humble backgrounds, have to fight in order to find resources and fulfill their dreams," he points out.

In this sense, he requests his peers to engage in perseverance.

"You have to work hard and spend a lot of time studying. If you want to achieve something, but it doesn't come out at the first time, you have to keep trying," he concludes.


Publicado: 18/9/2019

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