Peru economy up 2.81% in January 2018, driven by exports

Centro Financiero San Isidro Javier Prado

Centro Financiero San Isidro Javier Prado

10:10 | Lima, Mar. 15.

Peruvian economy increased 2.81% in January 2018, driven by exports and domestic demand recovery, thus marking 102 months of sustained growth, the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI) informed on Thursday.

Likewise, the country's GDP posted a 2.33% increase over the past 12 months (February 2017-January 2018), according to INEI's National Production Technical Report.

This result was supported by the favorable evolution of external demand, as well as by greater exports (13.0%) of both traditional products (12.8%), such as coffee, copper, zinc, gold, iron, tin, crude oil, petroleum derivatives and natural gas; as well as non-traditional products (13.5%) derived from farming, fishing, textile, metal-mechanic, and chemical industries.

The recovery in domestic demand —evidenced in higher imports of non-durable consumer goods (3.03%), retail sales (2.04%), and consumer loans (4.43%)— contributed as well.

January 2018 rise (2.81%) was fueled by an upturn in most productive sectors, including construction; transport, storage and messaging; telecommunications; trade; and agriculture. Together they accounted for nearly 50% of the overall growth in such month. 

On the contrary, production in electricity, gas, water, as well as in the mining and hydrocarbon sector experienced a decline.


Publicado: 15/3/2018