Peru: Criminal proceedings against Keiko Fujimori to continue into intermediate stage

Photo: Judiciary

Photo: Judiciary

12:09 | Lima, Nov. 24.

The Judiciary's Second National Appeals Chamber has declared unfounded the appeals filed by the defense teams of defendants Keiko Fujimori, Mark Vito, Jaime Yoshiyama, and Luis Brussy, as well as the legal persons MVV Bienes Raices SAC and Fuerza Popular party.

With its decision, the court confirmed the resolution issued last June by the Fourth National Preparatory Investigation Court.

This resolution rejected the appeal for annulment that the defense had filed against the prosecutor's decision which —in turn— had ordered the completion of the preparatory investigation of the case.

As is known, among its grounds, the prosecutor's decision which ordered the completion of the preparatory investigation established that this decision did not affect the essential content of procedural rights or the principles of prosecutorial objectivity and the prohibition of arbitrariness.

At that time, the judicial decision confirmed the completion of the preparatory prosecutorial investigation of the Cocktails Case. Thus, the criminal proceedings will continue into the intermediate stage and special team prosecutor, Jose Domingo Perez, will maintain the accusation for the crimes of money laundering by a criminal organization and others.

The defendants are accused of collecting illicit assets as a result of illicit acts, such as transnational corruption by Brazilian Odebrecht company, as well as fraud in the administration of legal persons in the business groups of Dionisio Romero and others.


Publicado: 24/11/2021