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Peru: Chaclacayo suffers third-landslide day

Photo: TV

Photo: TV

18:01 | Lima, Mar. 17.

The Chaclacayo population faces a new landslide at kilometer 24 of Carretera Central (Central Highway), which has paralyzed the transit of people and vehicles in said district of eastern Metropolitan Lima.

The strength of water has broken the walls of various houses located on Los Laureles Street. The ravine under the same name was activated in recent hours due to rainfall on the basin's upper part.

Heavy machinery has arrived at the site to clean up the highway, through which a large amount of muddy water runs.

Operators work against the clock to build small walls on the sides of the road and thus prevent water from entering homes and shops located along the well-known highway. At this time, traffic on this road is paralyzed.

At the same time, neighbors remain on the roofs of their homes waiting for the landslide to weaken as the hours pass.

So far, it has left more than 12,000 victims, as well as 45,000 affected and more than 60 dead people. Besides, it is still active off Peru's central coast.

According to projections by the National Meteorology and Hydrology Service (Senamhi), the cyclone is expected to start moving away from the coastal area and losing intensity on the current date.

Yaku is a non-organized tropical cyclone, according to Senamhi. It means that the phenomenon we are witnessing is a low pressure system that develops in tropical or subtropical areas and that shows some characteristics of a tropical cyclone. However, it is not yet sufficiently organized to be classified as such.


Publicado: 17/3/2023