Pedro Castillo: We summon experts, citizens committed to Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Juan Carlos Guzman

Photo: ANDINA/Juan Carlos Guzman

14:37 | Lima, Jul. 20.

Peruvian President-elect Pedro Castillo on Tuesday affirmed that he has called on all experts and people committed to the nation to structure a broad work team, following the proclamation by the National Elections Board (JNE).

"We call on all experts, the people most distinguished and committed to the country; we are structuring a work team," he expressed.

The school teacher said he sees citizens —from all political groups— interested in contributing to his coming administration, and even people who are not politicians but have the willingness to direct the government towards achieving goals.

In remarks to the press, the elected president assured that it is an opportunity to give space to all social spheres, adding that everyone is welcome to shape his government team.

"Some suddenly think that they will not have space because they have just arrived; do not worry, they will have a chance; the people need loyalty; let's think of the people first, of the most urgent priority that is health and then the economic situation," he remarked.

The President-elect also specified that it is an honor to greet the Peruvian people, whom he asked for serenity and tranquility, as he did with the business sectors.

51-year-old Castillo arrived this morning at one of the offices of the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec), where he carried out some procedures.


Publicado: 20/7/2021