Oil spill in Peru: Repsol fails to comply with measures and deadlines set by OEFA

09:33 | Lima, Jan. 28.

Peruvian Environment Minister Ruben Ramirez has expressed his indignation at the non-compliance with the measures and deadlines established by the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (OEFA).

His remarks came during his visit to Cavero Beach in Lima's Ventanilla district on Thursday when asked about the legal actions initiated against Repsol —the company that owns the refinery where the oil spill occurred.

The minister's visit took place after inspecting clean-up activities carried out in the area following the January 15 oil spill, which has caused an environmental tragedy. 

According to the government official, La Pampilla refinery has failed to comply with the requirements related to the identification of critical points, the collection of oily material present in the sand and in the aquifers, as well as to the final provision.

"We are imposing the fine, and we have started a sanctioning process," he said.

Likewise, Ramirez indicated that a request for Repsol executives —those who are responsible for the environmental crime— to be banned from leaving the country is being assessed as part of the investigation process, so that they can respond to the legal process requests.

The Cabinet member went on to say that a civil action has been filed, which seeks an economic compensation for the State. 

In addition, such legal proceeding seeks a compensation "for the moral damage they have caused to the State, without ruling out the possibility of appealing to international courts," he remarked.

Oil spill 

Repsol on Friday reported that 10,396 barrels of oil were spilled into the sea.

The oil slick has spread along the coast of Ventanilla, reaching Ancon and Chancay, where a negative impact on marine flora and fauna is registered.


Publicado: 28/1/2022