Get to know Prime Minister Adrianzen's Cabinet

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

13:58 | Lima, Apr. 2.

The President of the Republic Dina Boluarte has renewed the Cabinet due to the incorporation of six new members to the Council of Ministers led by Gustavo Adrianzen.

The new Ministers are: Walter Ortiz Acosta (Interior), Morgan Niccolo Quero Gaime (Education), Sergio Gonzalez Guerrero (Production), Elizabeth Galdo Marin (Foreign Trade and Tourism), Angel Manuel Manero Campos (Agrarian Development and Irrigation), and Angela Teresa Hernandez Cajo (Women and Vulnerable Populations). 

The renewed Cabinet will on Wednesday attend a Congress plenary session to present the Government General Policy and request a confidence vote from legislators.

The Council of Ministers is made up: 

Gustavo Adrianzen Olaya
President of the Council of Ministers/Prime Minister

Javier Gonzalez-Olaechea Franco
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Walter Enrique Astudillo Chavez
Minister of Defense

Jose Berley Arista Arbildo
Minister of Economy and Finance

Walter Ortiz Acosta
Minister of Interior

Eduardo Melchor Arana Ysa
Minister of Justice and Human Rights

Morgan Niccolo Quero Gaime
Minister of Education

Cesar Henry Vasquez Sanchez
Minister of Health

Angel Manuel Manero Campos
Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation

Daniel Ysau Maurate Romero
Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion

Sergio Gonzalez Guerrero
Minister of Production

Elizabeth Galdo Marin
Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism

Romulo Mucho Mamani
Minister of Energy and Mines

Raul Perez-Reyes Espejo
Minister of Transportation and Communications

Hania Perez de Cuellar Lubienska
Minister of Housing, Construction, and Sanitation

Angela Teresa Hernandez Cajo
Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations

Juan Carlos Castro Vargas
Minister of Environment 

Leslie Carol Urteaga Peña
Minister of Culture

Julio Javier Demartini Montes
Minister of Development and Social Inclusion


Publicado: 2/4/2024