FA Ministry launches 'APEC for the People' campaign

Photo: ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

Photo: ANDINA/Eddy Ramos

16:00 | Lima, Jan. 30.

The APEC for the People Initiative, launched by the Foreign Affairs Ministry today, seeks to bring closer to Peruvians the significance that holding the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum will have for the country, Foreign Affairs Minister Javier Gonzalez-Olaechea affirmed on Tuesday.

During the launch of the aforementioned initiative, the government official deemed it necessary to "bring everything we do closer to all citizens in our country." 

The Cabinet member offered to promote that the agreements to be issued from the aforementioned forum "land on diagnoses and disruptive proposals" and that the merely declarative ones will be avoided, since citizens demand results.

"We want everyone to feel part of APEC, of what it means and of the promising consequences of investments in job creation for family economies and for young workers joining the labor market," he emphasized.

Furthermore, Gonzalez-Olaechea stated that the priority issues to be worked on during the Peruvian Presidency of APEC involve many aspects and have a vision for the future.

In that sense, he said "the Foreign Affairs Ministry will be an agent of change with a progressive orientation, fostering democratic institutionality, but, above all, boosting the development of great majorities, especially that of the less fortunate and that of youth."

It should be noted that the three main priority axes are geared towards fostering issues of a social nature and the empowerment of vulnerable populations. These are: (i) Trade and investment for inclusive growth; (ii) Innovation to promote the transition to formal and global economy; and (iii) Sustainable growth for resilient development.

Remarks were made during the launch ceremony for APEC Ciudadano (APEC for the People) held at the Lima-based Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (National University of San Marcos) Cultural Center. This event was attended by foreign diplomats, as well as by government and academic authorities.

It is an initiative developed at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, aimed at holding activities at which the benefits and opportunities from hosting this forum in Peru will be made known.

Private enterprises

Minister Gonzalez-Olaechea reminded attendees that the APEC logic is to "foster the irreplaceable worth of private enterprises in creating opportunities for men and women."

Within this framework, the role that the Peruvian State must play is "a guiding one," which is not a minor role, he said.


Publicado: 30/1/2024