Some facts about Lima 2019 Pan American Games

Twitter: Balich

Twitter: Balich

15:50 | Lima, Aug. 12.

Take a look at some of the key numbers from the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

3,028 medals were handed out at Lima 2019, including team sports: 419 gold, 419 silver and 523 bronze.

621 athletes came from the United States and secured first place in the Pan American Games medal table. Team USA won 293 medals: 120 gold, 88 silver, and 85 bronze.

69 Pan American records were set.

31 out of the 41 countries won at least one medal, highlighted by the gold and bronze medals obtained by British Virgin Islands and Aruba respectively, the first medals obtained for these countries in Pan American Games history.

17 records in archery, 15 in shooting, 14 in weightlifting, 13 in athletics, 7 in swimming, and 3 in cycling track.

17 times in a row Brazil has stood on the podium in men's and women's Pan American handball, from 1987 until Lima 2019. At the Havana 1991 Games, the women's competition did not take place.

17 times in a row the United States finished top of the Pan American Games medal table, from 1955 in Mexico City to Lima 2019. The USA has been surpassed once, by Argentina in 1951 in Buenos Aires.

5 medals were won by the gymnast Evita Griskenas (USA), the most successful athlete of this 18th edition of the Pan American Games —four golds in ball, hoops, ribbon and individual all-around, and one bronze in clubs.

2 athletes came from Dominica, the country with the smallest delegation.

1 time Peru stood out in surfing, a sport that enjoyed its debut at the Lima 2019 Games —with seven medals: three gold, three silver, and one bronze. For the first time, Peru led the way in a Pan American Games sport.

1 gold medal was claimed by Bolivia in team racquetball, its first gold in the history of the Pan American Games. Previously, the country had managed two silver and six bronze medals.

1 world record was broken, by Brady Ellison (USA) in men's recurve individual archery, with a score of 702 points, erasing Kim Woo-jin's (KOR) 700 points at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Published: 8/12/2019
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