President Vizcarra: Investments are sign of confidence in Peru (Full Story)

14:02 | Lima, Nov. 13.

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday highlighted the confidence existing in the business community to continue investing in Peru.

During his participation in the inauguration of Real Plaza Puruchuco shopping center in Lima's Ate district, the Head of State said this investment constitutes a proof of confidence in the South American nation's future.

"A confidence in the viability of Peru to become a prosperous and developed country," he pointed out.

"When we see this type of investment, we renew our confidence in Peru, our optimism. In spite of the innumerable difficulties, we Peruvians have always overcome them and have moved forward successfully," he emphasized.

After recalling that this year his administration approved the Competitiveness Plan, the top official stressed that the nation has a horizon towards which it must go to achieve sustainable development.

"Today, we give a demonstration of confidence in Peru, and by Peruvian entrepreneurs (...). This is a contagious trust," he added.

"The neighboring countries trust Peru. We have to live up to that trust and continue working together," he underlined.

This work, he said, demands the participation of the three Government levels (ministries, regional governments, and municipalities), in addition to business people listening and attending to the population's needs.

Lastly, the President suggested citizens to work honestly and willing to serve others with the purpose of achieving competitive development, economic growth, as well as poverty and inequality reduction.

Shopping center

The Real Plaza Puruchuco in Lima's Ate district will contribute to generating more jobs, modernizing the infrastructure, and boosting the local economy of this populous district.

The modern shopping center —which entailed an investment worth S/480 million (US$145 million)— generated several jobs during its construction stage.

Now, the inaugurated mall will demand an additional 6,500 employees.


Published: 11/13/2019
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