Peru President: There cannot be development without competitiveness

10:44 | Lima, Sep. 10.

President Martin Vizcarra has affirmed there will not be development in Peru if competitiveness is not improved, as these two concepts are closely related to each other.

Furthermore, he highlighted the Inca country relies —for the first time— on a National Infrastructure Plan, which prioritizes 52 projects that must post an advance of 95% between the next three and six years.  

Within this framework, the statesman indicated his administration responsibly works on social and economic sustainability, at the same time as on institutionalism. 

President Vizcarra went on to add the future is in the hands of Peruvians and pointed out the nation's immense potential must be transformed for the benefit of all citizens. 

"We can be sure that, in a medium term, we can lay the foundations for the sustainable growth and the development we all want," he concluded. 


Published: 9/10/2019
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