President Vizcarra advocates a Peru-Ecuador crusade against corruption

11:01 | Quito (Ecuador), Oct. 26.

President Martin Vizcarra advocated a Peruvian-Ecuadorian crusade against corruption, as this scourge does not allow the development of the peoples.

During his current visit to Ecuador, the Head of State stressed both countries must face diverse problems such as climate change and the impacts of corruption

"We can achieve this as long as we fight corruption head-on in order to eliminate it, since it has caused immense damage to our countries," the top official expressed.

Furthermore, if Peru and Ecuador accomplish this, they will have enough resources to meet the needs of the poorest citizens. 

On this occasion, the top official pointed out his arrival coincides with the anniversary of the 1998 Brasilia Agreement, a peace treaty signed between the two nations.

The statesman also highlighted that both nations had decided to leave behind their decades-long distance and now share a spirit of cooperation and integration. 

"That was the wisest decision made by the authorities —with the support of the people. In those 20 years of integration many things were achieved (…)," he added. 

Likewise, trade relations —which bring progress and development to citizens— considerably increased thanks to that resolution. 

"There is still a lot to be done, even though we have advanced socially and economically. The task ahead is still big, and we will achieve it in less time if we continue (working) together," President Vizcarra pointed out. 

"We have to work for the communities throughout the border areas since those are the most forgotten communities of our countries," he concluded. 


Published: 10/26/2018
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