President: A true rule of law exists in Peru, no political persecution

17:31 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Nov. 22.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday affirmed the information delivered to Uruguay confirms a true rule of law and separation of powers exist in Peru.

Thus, he ruled out any political persecution against former President Alan Garcia (1985-1990; 2006-2011) —currently under investigation over the Odebrecht case— who seeks asylum in the Oriental Republic.

The Head of State recalled the Government has sent the documentation to Lima-based Uruguayan Ambassador Carlos Barros through a diplomatic note from the Foreign Affairs Ministry. 

"On Sunday, I spoke with Uruguay's President (Tabare Vazquez). It was a formal and cordial conversation," the top official expressed.

"At that moment, we told him we would hand over a document supporting that there is a true rule of law in Peru and ruling out any political persecution. You and the citizens are witnesses (of that)," he added.

Likewise, the statesman indicated they will wait for the official response from Uruguay concerning Alan Garcia's asylum request. 

"We have been informed by the (Uruguayan) authorities that they will take the necessary time to assess the information. Thus, we should not hurry, we should not get ahead of ourselves," President Vizcarra said. 

Furthermore, the top official stated he is aware of Frente Amplio political party Congress members' current visit to Uruguay in order to explain there is not any type of persecution in Peru.

In this sense, he noted each branch is independent and makes its own decisions. Within this framework, the Judiciary investigates crimes.

"The Legislative Branch may have an opinion, which is respected. We, the Executive Branch, maintain and respect the separation of powers, the true rule of law, and (affirm) there is not political persecution," the Head of State concluded. 

Remarks were made after an induction workshop for the elected authorities in Arequipa region.


Published: 11/22/2018
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