FA Min: Peru provides guarantees to comply with justice

15:31 | Lima, Nov. 22.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio on Thursday affirmed Peruvian lawmakers are free to leave for Uruguay to explain there is no political persecution in Peru against former President Alan Garcia, who requested asylum to the oriental republic last weekend.

According to the diplomat, the diplomatic note delivered to Uruguay referred to the separation of powers in the Inca nation, which has to do with this Parliament's decision.

"This arose from a legislative initiative and, without a doubt, they (the legislators) are free to act according to what they find of interest, in this case, to clarify the country's stance and, above all, that there is no political persecution in Peru," he stated.

In this sense, the minister explained there is an ongoing probe into common crimes of corruption against ex-President Garcia.  

Popolizio does not agree with Garcia's statements —contained in a letter posted on Twitter— since the country relies on democracy, rule of law, and separation of powers.

"Guarantees are provided for him (Alan Garcia) to comply with justice. The due process is always reassessed, and that's what happened here in the case of the ex-President," he added.

As for Uruguay's decision concerning his request for asylum and Garcia's request for safe conduct to leave Peru, Popolizio said everything must be assessed in depth, and he cannot give his opinion in advance.


Published: 11/22/2018
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