Peru: Prosecutor rules out political persecution against ex-President Alan Garcia

11:06 | Lima, Nov. 20.

Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez has ruled out the existence of political persecution against former President Alan Garcia, who is currently under investigation over the Odebrecht case.

"The Public Ministry carries out an adequate and objective work within the corresponding terms," Perez told Canal N local channel.

The Prosecutor was also asked about ex-President Alan Garcia's asylum request to the Uruguayan Government.

However, he decided not to express his opinion on the subject. 

"I hope no word or version of mine will be used in order to justify any asylum request," the Prosecutor added. 

Likewise, he indicated the press and citizens are aware of the decisions made by the justice system, which is composed of the Public Ministry and the Judicial Branch. Furthermore, the hearings are public. 

"At the hearing, last Saturday, the investigated person (Alan Garcia) complied with the Prosecutor's request. There was neither questioning nor opposition (…)," Perez pointed out.

Moreover, the former Head of State said he would respect the travel ban imposed on him by the Judiciary

A Peruvian Judge on Saturday approved Prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez's request to forbid former President Alan Garcia from leaving the Inca country for 18 months.

As is known, Brazilian construction giant and corruption-tainted Odebrecht allegedly paid bribes to secure the Lima Metro Line 1 contract during Garcia's presidency (2006-2011).

Alan Garcia served as President of Peru between 1985-1990 and 2006-2011.


Published: 11/20/2018
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