Justice Minister: A true rule of law exists in Peru

10:34 | Lima, Nov. 6.

Justice Minister Vicente Zeballos on Tuesday affirmed there is a true rule of law in Peru, adding democracy is solid and institutions are respected in the Inca country.

According to him, President Martin Vizcarra was very clear when he stated there was no need for democratic peace to be disturbed in the nation.

In remarks to RPP radio and TV station, Minister Zeballos questioned former President Alan Garcia's stance, as he had warned the population there would be a coup and had even specified it would occur last Sunday.

Garcia's statements were disproved and harshly criticized by many citizens via social media. Some people even deemed them as irresponsible.

Political dialogue 

On the other hand, the Minister indicated the Head of State has called for a meeting with all political forces, and that the top official has always shown his willingness to engage in dialogue with Fuerza Popular political party. 

Likewise, Zeballos pointed out Fuerza Popular —founded by Keiko Fujimori— is currently going through a restructuring process, since there has been a change within its leadership group and some of its lawmakers have been revealed as protected witnesses. 

Lastly, he ruled out the existence of political prisoners in the Inca country.


Published: 11/6/2018
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