Peru's President: State has planned to vaccine 309,000 native population members

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

12:07 | Huanuco (Huanuco region), Jul. 8.

The President of the Republic Francisco Sagasti on Thursday affirmed that the Peruvian State has planned to immunize against coronavirus 309,000 inhabitants of the nation's original and native populations.

"It is planned to vaccinate more than 309,000 inhabitants of the original populations. In Huanuco, for example, it is planned to vaccinate more than 2,500 people aged above 18 who reside in 37 native communities," he said during his visit to this region.

The Head of State arrived in the area to deliver more than 13,000 vaccine doses: 9,360 from Pfizer and 4,000 doses from Sinopharm.

Once there, the top official stressed that Huanuco has achieved an 82% progress rate in the inoculation of delivered doses.

"At this time, 50% of adults over 60 years of age are vaccinated and 40% already have (received) the second dose," said the statesman, who urged the population to receive both doses to achieve effective protection that prevents the need for hospitalization.

In this sense, the Peruvian leader highlighted the advance in the vaccination rate and confirmed that this weekend the inoculation begins in Lima for the population aged between 47 and 49.

Moreover, Mr. Sagasti reminded citizens that the delivery of more than 65 million vaccine doses has been ensured, adding that his administration will not rest during these last weeks in office continuing to negotiate with various laboratories to rely on a variety of suppliers.

Thanks to the new batch of vaccines delivered to Huanuco, the doses allocated to this region add up to more than 150,000.


Published: 7/8/2021
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