Peru's Defense Min: Congress Chairman's attitude collides with constitutional order

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

14:45 | Lima, Sep. 12.

Peruvian Defense Minister Jorge Chavez on Saturday affirmed that the attitude of Congress Chairman Manuel Merino —who attempted to involve the Armed Forces in political acts— was reckless and collides with the current democratic order.

The Cabinet member pointed out that he had informed the Council of Ministers about the facts related to the calls received by general commanders of the Armed Forces from Parliament Head Manuel Merino.

"As I made it known on Thursday, when I demanded respect for the institutionalism of the Armed Forces, today I must categorically reject Mr. Merino's attitude of making calls that were not only reckless and out of place but also collide with the democratic order," he expressed.

The high-ranking official specified that —before the impeachment motion against President Martin Vizcarra was put to voteMerino contacted the general commander of the Navy to comment on matters related to this process.

The Cabinet member also pointed out that following his statements on TV to call for respect for the Armed Forces, he received a message from Accion Popular party Congressman Otto Guibovich, who expressed disagreements with the remarks.

"The attitude of Congress Chairman has been reckless by attempting to involve the Armed Forces in a political process from which the general commanders remain absolutely (independent and) on the sidelines in unrestricted respect for the non-deliberative principle," he said.

The minister assured that the Armed Forces are firm and unalterably fulfilling their constitutional role, adding that —at this moment— 
they are focused on carrying out tasks related to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Remarks were made following a Council of Ministers session held at the Government Palace in Lima.

On the occasion, Chavez joined Ministers Walter Martos (Prime), Cesar Gentille (Interior), Ana Neyra (Justice), and members of the Armed Forces.


Published: 9/12/2020
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