Peru: Congress admits impeachment motion against President Vizcarra

Photo: Congress of the Republic

Photo: Congress of the Republic

18:33 | Lima, Sep. 11.

Congress on Friday afternoon approved to debate the impeachment motion against the President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on the alleged grounds of moral incapacity.

The aforementioned motion received 65 votes in favor, 36 against, and 24 abstentions.

According to the regulations of Congress, at least 52 votes in favor (40%) were needed to admit the motion.

The next session will take place on September 18. The impeachment requires 87 votes to be approved.

Yesterday, President Vizcarra delivered an Address to the Nation to denounce that his administration is facing a plot against democracy and a vile attempt to destabilize the Government as well as State-run institutions.

According to an Ipsos-Peru poll, the top official's approval rate stood at 60% last August.


Published: 9/11/2020
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