Peru: Use of force in Venezuela is unacceptable

11:48 | Bogota (Colombia), Feb. 25.

Peruvian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Hugo de Zela on Monday affirmed the use of any type of force in Venezuela is unacceptable, adding it is time to adopt further measures to isolate Nicolas Maduro's regime.

Likewise, the official expressed Peruvians' indignation for the violent acts that occurred during the peaceful attempt to provide humanitarian aid to the Bolivarian nation's citizens.

"(…) The Lima Group has been supporting, since its creation, a peaceful solution for Venezuela," De Zela said.

Furthermore, he indicated that —according to Venezuela's Constitution— Interim President Juan Guaido's legitimate administration should be in charge of carrying forward the process for the restoration of democracy and the solution to the crisis, which involves Maduro's exit from power, as well as free, fair, and reliable elections.

Last weekend, violent acts occurred during the transport of humanitarian aid to Venezuela, which proves Maduro's dictatorship will continue to oppress the population.

"We are determined to assume a more direct stance and to act in the political-financial sphere," he stressed. 

Moreover, De Zela pointed out the Lima Group has successfully achieved the support from many countries, even those which are located outside the region.

In this sense, over 50 nations back Interim President Juan Guaido

Remarks were made during a Lima Group meeting in Bogota.


Published: 2/25/2019
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