LatAm countries call on Venezuela's Maduro to accept humanitarian aid

00:06 | Quito (Ecuador), Sep. 5.

Eleven Latin American countries have called on Nicolas Maduro's Government to accept international humanitarian aid to alleviate the migration crisis that has led to a mass exodus of Venezuelans across the region.

Despite Caracas' insistence to deny the magnitude of the situation, the aforementioned Governments signed a joint statement calling on Maduro to accept such cooperation.

The signatory countries "called for the opening of a humanitarian assistance mechanism to alleviate the crisis, with immediate attention to the affected citizens," the text reads.

The two-day meeting in Quito was attended by delegates from 13 nations.

Bolivia —a close ally of Venezuela— abstained from signing, while the Dominican Republic stated its intention to do so later, as it was represented by an Embassy counselor.

The countries —whose territories are overwhelmed by the large-scale arrival of Venezuelans who flee their country due to a severe economic crisis— agreed to support each other in assisting their nationals residing in the Caribbean country.

Likewise, they urged "the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to accept regional governments' and international agencies' cooperation so as to address the situation of their respective communities settled in Venezuela."

Moreover, Maduro's Government was requested to ensure access to ID or travel documents.

In addition to Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, the meeting gathered delegates from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.


Published: 9/5/2018
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