Peru: Tourism generated US$4.895 billion in 2018



12:50 | Lima, Apr. 1.

Peru's inbound tourism generated US$4.895 billion in revenue in 2018, thus increasing 7% compared to the previous year, privately-run Foreign Trade Society (ComexPeru) has informed.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the Inca country welcomed 4.4 million foreign tourists last year, a 9.6% rise compared to 2017. 

The majority of visitors came from Chile and the United States. Together, they accounted for 50% of the total. 

Likewise, Peru is the fourth nation that receives the largest number of international sightseers after Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.

"It should be noted that eight of the ten main origin countries, of travelers who come to Peru, are Latin American," ComexPeru expressed. 

In line with growth rates, the number of lodging establishments in the country —by December 2018— reached 22,157 (+0.4%). 

Furthermore, ComexPeru pointed out 117 tourist sites, museums, and protected areas have been identified at national level. Plus, the majority of these attractions are located in Lima, Cusco, Lambayeque, and Puno regions. 

"However, in accordance with the number of visitors, Cusco region is at the forefront, with 4.3 million in 2018, followed by the tourist sites in Lima (3.5 million), Ica (0.69 million), San Martin (0.68 million), and Arequipa (0.55 million)," it said. 

Moreover, the most visited places in Peru —outside Lima City— are the historical sanctuary and Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, Moray Archaeological Complex (Cusco region), Paracas National Reserve (Ica region), Huascaran National Park (Ancash region), and the San Mateo Thermal Baths (San Martin region). 

"Our diversity is a gift, but taking advantage of it in a way that generates growth and well-being for the population is a pending task," the guild concluded. 


Published: 4/1/2019
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