Peru President requests citizens' support to continue with reforms

12:48 | Lima, Apr. 12.

President Martin Vizcarra has asked for Peruvian citizens' company and support in his firm determination to continue implementing reforms, which benefit the country and affect "a few powerful people."

"We are in a decisive moment, working to improve the lives of all Peruvians," the Head of State expressed. 

In this sense, the top official indicated he is aware that changes in regulations are not enough. Thus, a higher participation of the population is also required in order to strengthen audits and control. 

According to the statesman, a nation with a future can be built through unity

"We have the historical opportunity to build a more democratic, developed, equal, stronger, and corruption-free country," he underlined. 

Likewise, President Vizcarra mentioned the firm decision to correct —and to change the political, justice, and tax systems— have affected the big interests and some power groups, which have —in retaliation— systematically attacked his administration and him.

"We knew what we were getting exposed to, and we know more attacks are coming ahead, but you will find us here strong and determined to always do what is right for the benefit of our country," he added. 


Published: 4/12/2019
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