Peru President: Government committed to improving water quality

15:47 | Lima, Dec. 4.

Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed that the Government is committed to improving the quality and availability of water for all Peruvians, as well as preventing it from becoming polluted.

During his participation in the I International Water Culture Forum, the Head of State said there is the challenge of providing clean and safe water "to the more than 33 million Peruvians" based in the country.

"Those are the tasks, in which we must do better: water quality, enhancing water availability, seeking balance between different users so that everyone has water and use it responsibly, being aware that it is not an inexhaustible resource," he expressed.

In that sense, top official acknowledged that the State was not doing the proper job to reinforce and redouble efforts, because —when talking about water— people should always take into account "the search for balance" in order to meet the needs of the population, as well as of the farming, industrial, mining sectors, and other activities that require this resource.

"We are making great efforts because the little water we have is being contaminated; there is no lake or river that is not receiving untreated sewage flows. If having an insufficient amount (of water) is already a problem, it's aggravated when the one we have is contaminated," the statesman said.

The President affirmed that this task "is arduous." Thus, a forum —such as the one being promoted by the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry— enables citizens to draw important conclusions in order to realize "how we attend to the most vulnerable sectors of the population that require this resource."

"As long as we have the experience of countries, whose representatives participate in the forum, we can reach the appropriate conclusions, so that the next generations can be assured of this resource," he stated.

Lastly, the President requested citizens to raise awareness with the aim of changing the culture concerning people's behavior towards water.


Published: 12/4/2019
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