Peru President announces state of emergency extension

12:30 | Lima, Mar. 26.

President Martin Vizcarra on Thursday afternoon announced the extension of the state of national emergency for an additional 13 days to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Peru.

As is known, the measure was initially set to last from March 16 thru 30. Thus, the new order will expire on April 12.

"We have made the decision that, through a supreme decree, we will extend the state of emergency for 13 calendar days, in such a way that the state of emergency is mandatory even until Sunday, April 12," he expressed.

The Head of State explained that this extension has been ordered given the results of the evaluation made —on a daily basis— of the disease evolution and the level of compliance with the social isolation measure.

Within this framework, the top official stressed that professional information was issued by the Ministry of Health and its expert council, in addition to the comprehensive evaluation made at the Council of Ministers, as well as the contributions received from the Council of State and regional governors.

"With the extension of this emergency, we might generate discomfort, but we do it for the sake of all," Mr. Vizcarra stressed.

"We want to take care of what is most important to the human being: life and health. That is why we are making drastic but necessary decisions to get out of this situation together," he added.

Remarks were made in a televised Address to the Nation, within the framework of a mandatory social isolation imposed to prevent the COVID-19 from further spreading in the South American country.

On this occasion, the President was joined by members of the Council of Ministers and other authorities. The event was held at the Government Palace in Lima.

Thursday marks the eleventh day of mandatory social isolation.


Published: 3/26/2020
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