Peru leads Pacific Alliance's economic performance in 2017

Centro Financiero. Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

Centro Financiero. Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

13:23 | Lima, Dec. 8.

For the second year in a row, Peru will hold the best Macroeconomic Performance Index (MPI) among Pacific Alliance member countries, according to the latest report by Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL).

The study is prepared annually by CCL's Institute of Economics and Business Development (IEDEP).

This indicator measures the national economic performance in relation with other countries and the economic policy management result of countries.

Its analysis uses five variables: inflation, fiscal deficit, balance of payments' current account deficit, unemployment, and GDP growth.

"Peru is likely to see the best MPI among Pacific Alliance countries in 2017, at 0.4, followed by Chile (-1.3), Colombia (-1.9), and Mexico (-2.8)," said IEDEP Executive-Director Cesar Peñaranda. 

Even though an MPI of 0.4 placed Peru at the top of the bloc, the index has recorded a decline compared to 2016, when it reached 2.2.

Economic growth

With respect to the GDP variable, IEDEP estimates Pacific Alliance countries will post lower growth rates in 2017.

In this context, Peru is set to expand 2.6%, followed by Mexico (2%), Colombia (1.6%), and Chile (1.5%).


As per inflation, Peru will register the lowest inflation rate (2.3%), followed by Chile (2.4%), Colombia (4.3%), and Mexico (6.3%).


Published: 12/8/2017
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