Peru Justice Min: Toledo detention is outcome of extradition request

00:00 | Lima, Jul. 17.

Peru's Justice and Human Rights Minister Vicente Zeballos has affirmed the detention of former President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) in the United States is due to the extradition request against him, noting the Peruvian State will continue monitoring this development.

"This is a first arrest that has three hearings in between. Once they have concluded, he (Toledo) can file a habeas corpus," the official expressed.

"This could last about a year," he added. 
Likewise, Zeballos indicated caution is needed and that the Peruvian State's interests will be protected by accredited attorneys

Concerning the process' periods of time, the minister stated they are normal. 

"The North American justice is very complex and reserved. It always claims autonomy in decision-making processes," he pointed out. 

As is known, former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (2001-2006) was arrested in the United States by an extradition order against him, within the framework of the investigations over alleged corruption offenses in the awarding of the South Interoceanic Highway Project to Brazilian company Odebrecht.

Fight against corruption 

Furthermore, the official reiterated the Peruvian Government is committed to fighting corruption head-on

Remarks were made after Congress Constitution Commission's meeting. 


Published: 7/17/2019
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