Peru: Fishery sector up by 65% in October 2018

15:03 | Lima, Dec. 7.

Production Minister Raul Perez-Reyes on Friday informed fishing activity recorded a significant increase (+65.9%) last October, compared to the same month in 2017.

Total landing volumes of hydrobiological resources used by fishing agents amounted to 96,600 metric tons (MT), over the same period in 2017 (58,200 MT).

The official pointed out this result was mainly driven by greater catches of species destined for direct human consumption (91,100 MT), in particular those intended for canning (+256.6%) and freezing (+134.8%) industries.

Between January and October, fishing activity's result was positive, the official stressed.

Total landings reached 5.1 million MT in the analyzed period, thus increasing 26.3% over the same term in 2017. 

Furthermore, this outcome was driven by the good performance of anchovy catches destined for indirect human consumption (+31.4%) and —to a lesser extent— the expansion of species landings intended for direct human consumption (+8.2%). 


Published: 12/7/2018
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