Peru: Second fishery season exports to near US$800 million

00:00 | Lima, Nov. 13.

The second anchovy fishing season's quota of 2.1 million tons —in Peru's central and northern sea areas— will lead to around US$800 million in exports, the privately-run National Fisheries Society (SNP) projected.

Furthermore, this season will generate over US$50 million in income for the crews. 

According to SNP Chairwoman Elena Conterno, the figure set by the Production Ministry (Produce) is precautionary. 

"We are in the normal range for second season quotas. They go from 2 to 2.5 million tons," she explained in this sense.

Likewise, in accordance with the announced quota, the industrial fleet could capture 400,000 tons in November; 1 million in December; and 700,000 in January. 

Furthermore, Conterno indicated the landings registered so far in 2018 —plus the projected captures for the rest of the year— could total approximately 5.5 million tons of anchovy

"That way, we would exceed the levels of the last six years, a period in which landings had been under 4 million," she underlined.

Lastly, the SNP representative pointed out that —according to specialists' forecasts— the second season could contribute up to one percentage point to Peru's GDP in the fourth quarter of 2018.


Published: 11/13/2018
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