Peru: 49.33% of anchovy quota landed through May 9

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

12:28 | Lima, May. 10.

Peru's Production Minister Raul Perez-Reyes on Thursday informed that industrial fishing vessels unloaded 49.33% of the first 2018 fishing season quota from April 7 to May 9.

Said vessels landed 1,636,145 tons of anchovy destined for indirect human consumption (IHC).  

According to the government official, anchovy landings —for the manufacture of fishmeal and fish oil in the north-central region of the country— were mainly recorded at ports in Chimbote (21.9%), Chicama (1.4%), Coishco (10.3%), Callao (9%), and Chancay (7.3%).

The unloading was carried out by 734 authorized ships, which were fully inspected by Production Ministry (Produce) officers at the discharge point and weighing hopper.

The Minister noted that the advance of the first fishing season in the north-central zone shows low numbers of juvenile anchovy, of 9.36%, which is below the figure of 11% set by the Peruvian Sea Institute (Imarpe).

As is known, the quota set for the first 2018 fishing season is around 3.3 million tons —as suggested by Imarpe— compared to the 2.8 million tons set for the same period last year.


Published: 5/10/2018
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