Peru FA Min to visit China to strengthen bilateral cooperation

10:26 | Beijing (China), Aug. 13.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Nestor Popolizio will visit China in the last week of August to preside over the 10th Meeting of the Political Consultations Mechanism and the 3rd Meeting of the Strategic Dialogue Mechanism for Economic Cooperation between the two countries.

The announcement was made by Peru's Ambassador to Beijing, Luis Quesada.

According to the Peruvian envoy, both mechanisms are part of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership that the two nations have built since 2013.

These procedures will encompass major bilateral issues from politics and culture to trade and investment.

"The upcoming Foreign Affairs Minister Popolizio's visit will give a further boost to the intense and varied bilateral agenda between Peru and China, which will be of benefit to national production sectors," Quesada told Andina news agency.

At a ceremony marking Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry's 197th foundation anniversary and Diplomat's Day —on August 3— Popolizio announced that several activities will be carried out to forge closer ties with the Asia-Pacific region, including an official visit to China.

For Ambassador Luis Quesada, political and cooperation relations between the Inca nation and the Asian Giant are at their best.

Proof of this is the number of high-level visits exchanged between the two countries over the past years.


Published: 8/13/2018