Peru seeks to optimize FTA with China

00:00 | Lima, Jul. 11.

Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Edgar Vasquez has announced the Peru-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be reviewed in order to maximize its benefits.

"We are trying to set the most suitable date for the FTA Administrative Commission authorities to hold a meeting with the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of this agreement, as well as identifying the areas to be optimized," he noted.

Moreover, the official remarked the FTA between Peru and the Asian Giant —signed in 2009— has benefited both countries. Yet, nine years have passed, and there is always room to incorporate new elements.

In this sense, Vasquez pointed out the Inca country is interested in continuing to increase the benefits of this treaty in favor of SMEs.

Likewise, Peru seeks to optimize customs co-operation, modernization through e-commerce, and services trade.

"China certainly has its own initiatives. We must draw up a list of topics of common interest so that they can be agreed upon," Vasquez concluded.


Published: 7/11/2018
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