Peru: Ex-President Pedro Castillo to serve pre-trial detention at Barbadillo prison

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

19:30 | Lima, Dec. 16.

Ex-President Pedro Castillo will be held at Barbadillo prison to serve an 18-month pre-trial detention approved by the Judiciary on December 15 —within the framework of an investigation for rebellion.

In a statement to public opinion, the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) reported that this decision was adopted by INPE's Technical Classification Board —an instance that classified Castillo into the ordinary regime.

"The INPE Technical Classification Board is made up of a psychologist, a lawyer, and a social worker. Based on the preventive detention resolution issued by the Supreme Court for Preparatory Investigation, it has determined that the defendant, Pedro Castillo Terrones, be classified into the Ordinary Regime," the statement read.

Additionally, "it has been ordered that, due to security measures to safeguard his personal physical integrity given his status as ex-President of the Republic, he (Castillo Terrones) be admitted to the Barbadillo Penitentiary Establishment."

Safety of persons deprived of liberty

This provision was supported by the Penitentiary Treatment Sub-directorate, the Penitentiary Security Sub-directorate, and the Legal Advice Bureau of INPE's Lima Region Office.

"The National Penitentiary Institute guarantees the safety and physical integrity of persons deprived of their liberty at prisons nationwide," the institution concluded in its statement.


Published: 12/16/2022