Nearly 2,000 sanitation works undertaken in Peru

14:42 | Lima, Aug. 13.

Peru's Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS) Ministry has undertaken almost 2,000 works throughout the country, with an investment of over S/2.1 billion (around US$640 million), the sector's head Javier Pique informed Monday.

According to the minister, S/680 million (about US$207 million) has been spent on projects in the capital city, of which S/550 million (about US$168 million) is used by Peru's State-owned water utility (Sedapal) and the remaining by MVCS.

"Here in Lima, we are working in San Juan de Amancaes (Rimac district), Bayovar (San Juan de Lurigancho district), and Santa Anita. We will try to reduce the social gap seen in Lima, involving 900,000 people without water service," he told RPP radio and news station.

This group of people have no access to drinking water, and, if they do so, water is stored in containers, putting them at risk of health problems.

"Currently, 6% of the population lacks proper water service, and we are working for them," Pique emphasized.


Some of these projects (entailing an investment of S/300 million, or about US$91 million), he said, will be completed in the first months of 2019, for the benefit of 150,000 people in the capital city.

"They were supposed to be finished in October or November, but difficulties regarding land or location of water pumps always arise. The service is slated to be available starting next year," he pointed out.

The government official disclosed that a new set of projects will be tendered in the following months, involving an investment of S/800 million (around US$244 million) and aimed at districts in southern Lima. 


Published: 8/13/2018
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